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Corporate Design

Corporate Design not only builds the corporate image of an organisation, it also provides the organisation tools to express itself. Combining functionality and aesthetics is the art and challenge of all professional corporate design solutions. A good eye is needed to find, and focus on, the core message(s).

The goal can never be clinical, emotionless perfection. It is the individual story and personality of each client which gives every corporate design project its unique character.

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Classic Communication

Graphic design in the role of an intermediary. Exchange of information is supported by selected creative tools. Designs acts like the visual backbone of the communication, and ensure that messages and emotions are easily perceived and understood in the intended way.

Successful design solutions explain information and context visually. They structure and translate even complex stories into comprehensible message blocks. Communication through smart design is fun, welcoming, exciting and speaks the language of the target audience in an information-overloaded world.

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Image Editing

Mind games, ideas and concepts become visible reality. With the help of modern software it is possible to extensively optimise and transform photographic material, and even put it into a completely new context. This is how fake news works!

A professional digital montage is created through the clever selection and re-composition of the materials available.

Sometimes these changes are made deliberately obvious for the audience. Sometimes the modifications involve extremely subtle and discreet solutions, with the intention to remaining hidden and going unnoticed by the eye of the observer. (e.g. beauty retouching).

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We should be aware of the fact that in most cases, even cast metal letters or digital typefaces derive from handwritten forms. Even if a font has been developed entirely on screen, the hand is most important tool of all.

We use the term "handling" which literally means to hold something in our hands. When we write, it is therefore in our hands to ‘change’ a word and visualise its sound and character.

‘’(Hand-)Written text is expression formed by hand and creates authenticity’’.

(Gottfried Pott)
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