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The longer I'm involved in the field of design, the more curious I get about everything which is connected to it. That's what keeps me hungry.

The key factor is "joy", according to the Greek scientist and philosopher Aristotle. He explains that human beings naturally strive for knowledge due to the pleasure that derives from perceiving the world.

The ancient Greek word for perception is αἴσθησις – ‘’aisthesis’’.

We experience aesthetics in combination with functionality every single day. Whether we're dealing with the user interface of top-notch computer software or suddenly become aware of the incredible, complex symmetry of simple a flower in front of us.

We collect impressions, store them and use them at the right moment, like a library.

My profession allows me to be curious. Exploration and engagement in many different areas helps me, together with my customers, to develop cross-linked ideas and concepts.

The Technical University of Munich was the beginning of my academic career and later led me to the Escola d'Art i Superior de Disseny de València, in Spain. A vibrant place where I not only got in touch with amazing people, fantastic Paella and the Mediterranean Sea, but also experienced a very lively, passionate and less digital design approach.

In 2003 I finished my university education with a degree in Botany and Graphic Design. Finally, it was time to start a new chapter and embrace the challenges of "real life". During the first few years I had the pleasure to learn from and work with experienced creatives in some of Munich's best-known design agencies. Since the start of 2008 I have been self-employed - and never looked back!

Curiosity is still my closest ally. I enjoy what I do, enjoy being open minded, flexible and versatile, and I like to delve deep into a new topic and have the chance to explore it from the bottom up. I am a careful observer and analyst, interested in connections and comprehension, and always strive to think one step ahead.

During every single step of the design process – starting from a considerate concept until the final visual result – my clients value me as a reliable partner, on their side. A flexible yet solid and approved network of professionals can be accessed to deliver specialist skills if needed.

I am available to answer your questions from our first chat through to the creation of your final product. Don't hesitate to get in touch. I'm curious about your individual story, too!


BKK Demag Krauss-Maffei // Constantin Film // GIZ // HVB BKK // Jam Space // Molkerei Weihenstephan // Nestlé Schöller // Rivella // Sagaflor // Sara Campbell // Seamore Travel // Serviceplan // Sinai Divers Europe // Sony Home Entertainment // Venture Pursuit PR // Wallmeier Hair // Weltbild Verlag // White Sea Consulting ...

My references feature design work which has been developed for individuals, entrepreneurs and organisations operating in different branches and countries. Their brands are based in Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Great Britain, the Maldives, and Dubai.

Please feel free to browse through my Portfolio and check the different design categories. This will help you to get a more precise impression of my work and visual language.

Still haven’t found what you’re looking for? Simply drop me a line and I will get back to you in no time!