Hello & Welcome!

On the following pages you will find an overview of my graphic design work. To please the eye, create a smile and ultimately support a brand in becoming (even more) successful is a pleasure to me. Corporate design, posters, brochures, websites, packaging, advertising materials, illustrations, and presentations: my work as a graphic designer covers many different areas and branches. Every product, every client, and every industry has its own visual language and challenges. This is exactly what makes the activity of an open-minded graphic designer so exciting, and feeds the curiosity and hunger to achieve the very best creative solutions. I have worked for many years with companies from Europe, and also have experience in the Near East. Do you want to make your business even better? Just drop me a line to get the insight and visual strategies you need to drive your brand to the next level - I look forward to learning more about your unique story.


Quality design and marketing increase your reach and profits, and will keep your clients coming back time and again. Discover how other businesses build rapport with their customers through improved visual communication based on a great design strategy.